Our Story

Homebrew Works is dedicated to delivering Quality Homebrew Products throughout Australia. Our experienced staff have over 15 years experience in brewing offering sound advice and feedback to any Homebrewer


We want to help you get into brewing! our team will run through any questions or problems you might have.


We test and use our products to the highest standards Our blog is full of great stories and tips about the products we sell.


Every transaction is secured, we guarantee it. If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to ask.

Consider Us Your One-Stop Shop for Homebrew Supplies in Perth

Are you in the market for homebrew supplies in Perth? Whether you’re an experienced homebrewer just looking to restock on key ingredients or a first-timer wondering what you need for the perfect homebrew setup, we can help. We are extremely passionate about beer and love nothing more than helping our customers discover the joys of homebrewing for themselves.

What You Can Expect from Homebrew Works Regarding Brewing Supplies in Perth

What makes Homebrew Works the best place to shop for brewing supplies in Perth? Here are just a few reasons why so many people in the homebrew community have come to rely on us for what they need:
  • Our product selections. From essential homebrewing equipment (such as brewing pots or refrigeration systems) to brewing ingredients (we have brewing kits for a wide range of beer styles and ciders), we sell everything you need to start, expand or replenish your homebrewing operation.
  • Our experience. We have been in the brewing industry for 15 years, and most of our staff members are long-time homebrewers themselves. Our experience comes through in our customer service, the products we sell, and the entire experience we offer. Our team takes the time to help beginners find everything they need. We also test the products we sell extensively to make sure they’re up to the task of homebrewing. As a result, customers can be confident that shopping with us will set them up for great success.
  • Our prices. Many would-be homebrewers never start brewing because they assume it’s a cost-prohibitive hobby. In reality, you can get started without a hefty investment. Furthermore, once you’re up and brewing, you’ll be spending less to make and drink your own beer than you would be buying a quality beer at the store. Our homebrew supplies in Perth are particularly notable for their competitive prices.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Your Homebrew Supplies in Perth

As you can see, our team at Homebrew Works is passionate about getting you started with homebrewing and setting you up to succeed. Consider these tips to get the most value possible out of shopping with us-and out of your homebrewing journey in general:
  • Visit our retail store. We sell our products online and ship Australia-wide. However, for first-time brewers, we find that it can be extremely helpful to visit our retail location, talk with one of our team members face-to-face and learn about everything you need for a homebrewing setup.
  • Consider your favourite beer styles. What type of beer do you like best? If you’re going to be brewing your own beer, it’s only logical to try your hand at brewing in your preferred style. Browse our beer kits and pick out the top two or three that correspond with your most beloved beers.
  • Don’t give up. Even if you don’t love your first batch, keep trying! Homebrewing is like everything else in that you build your skills as you go. It’s worth going through a few batches that are just ‘okay’ to really get the hang of brewing.

Why Homebrew Works Is Cost-Effective

We wholesale our products from the manufacturers/brands directly to you, the customer. The result is more competitive pricing than you will find elsewhere. Contact us to learn more about pricing or to get started building your first order.