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New Torpedo Keg

New Torpedo Keg More About The New Torpedo Keg Kegging,  Torpedo Kegs Torpedo Keg (25L) $225.00 Add to cart Kegging,  Torpedo Kegs Torpedo Keg (8L) $165.00 Add to cart Dispensing,  Torpedo Kegs Torpedo Keg Handheld Stainless Steel Picnic Tap

Why Temperature Control Is So Important

Coming into Summer, the need to keep your brew at a consistent fermentation temperature is now more important than ever. Although there are many yeast strains that can cope with a slightly inconsistent temperature, most (if not all) beer yeasts

Lallemand Yeast Sale

We are having a sale on our whole Lallemand yeast range. Everything from the new Verdant IPA yeast, the new Philly sour yeast, and many more Get in Quick stock won’t wasn’t and this special will not be on forever.

New Verdant IPA Yeast

    A new yeast to the market is the collaboration of Lallemand and Verdant Brewing Co to bring you Verdant IPA Ale yeast most suited for brewing NEIPAs, English IPAs, American Pales, English Bitters, Sweet Stouts, and Sours. The

West Australian Made & Produced Premium Fresh Wort Kts

For the past 15years Our founder. rod Henderson has been developing and finessing his homebrew recipes to perfection. In late 2019 Rod took the steps to contract his recipes out to a local craft brewery in order to brew ‘bag

grain mill

Grain Mill with Grunt

GRAIN MILL WITH GRUNT What is the secret of  grain milling success for the homebrewer? We think it has more to do with the knurling on the rollers than anything else so we have produced our rollers with deep cut

Homebrew Gas w Text

Cheap Gas Refill In Perth

Cheap Gas Refill In Perth At Homebrew Works we will supply you with affordable gas refill in Perth to refill your 400g, 2.4kgs, 2.3kg, and 6kg gas cylinder. Best service and value in Perth, refill while you wait usually takes

West Australian Made Cider Kits

Brewmate Cider Kits Brewmate Cider Kits West Australian made and produced  Premium flavours. Our expanding range of fruity flavours from Brewmate include apple, pear, ginger, black-current , strawberry and lemon lime.   An interesting creation on traditional cider that brings to life