Pubgas  Cellamix is 45% Nitrogen and 55% CO2 and is great for dispensing Stouts, dark ales and ales generally. The mix of CO2 and Nitrogen added a creamy mouth feel and gives a fuller and nice carbonation level.

It is available now as a Swap and Go system in 4 litre standard gas cylinders with standard CO2 regulator and fittings.

Only new Westway 4 litre cylinders are supplied for this system.

When you need homebrew ingredients online, you might also need additional brewing products. Here are a few things we can provide you with in addition to any hops you might require:

Our CO2 refills are one of the cheapest available in Perth. Throughout the brewing process, you will eventually need CO2. We understand that a product essential to your brew should be accessible. We can help you with all your CO2 requirements at excellent prices to ensure your fermentation remains active and on top of the game without bruising your budget.

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