Nitro Coffee
Nitro coffee

A great guide to start brewing:
Brew your First Beer is a quick and simple guide for beginners in our great world of Brewing.
However here are a few steps to Get you started

What equipment do I need?

Essentially you need:

  1. A 30 litre container with an airtight lid (the Fermenter)
  2. Another vessel such as a bucket for transferring liquid between vessels
  3. Some food grade Silicone or PVC tubing  (5-8mm internal bore) for siphon hose
  4. An hydrometer with a test tube or measuring cylinder.The hydrometer measures the density/Specific Gravity (SG)  of liquids and is a simple flotation instrument
  5. Kitchen tools such as jugs,stirring spoons, cleaning brushes etc
  6. Containers to store and mature your beer such as glass or plastic bottles and/or kegs