New Torpedo Keg

New Torpedo Keg

The new patented, D794,899, Torpedo keg brings users the benefits of the commercial quality Stainless steel and ball lock fittings in one. The new design of kegs are new to the market and offers users a sleek design and quality welded stainless handles. It is easy to see with the Torpedo Keg’s quality difference over other kegs, a vessel that isn’t strong enough to withstand that pressure is a hazard — not only to your batch of beer but to those around it, too the Torpedo Kegs are of the highest quality in the market and are now an option for Australian customers. 

More About The New Torpedo Keg

After months of trialing the torpedo keg, Homebrew works can now say that we are currently the sole distributor of the Torpedo Keg in Australia and the first to bring it into this Market. it’s easy to see the supreme quality of these kegs made from the highest possible quality stainless steel.

Key Features 

  • Machine welded exceeding standard quality made possible from manufacturers international ISO certification. 
  • Stackable design, even when connected to ball lock fittings, helps to utilize space  in the brewer’s refrigerator 
  • Heavy-duty high quality welded handles, makes transporting super easy

The 25L is great for your homebrews as a 23L kit n Kilo can easily fit, an FWK, or your own all-grain. Whereas the 8L is great for transporting around to a BBQ, the beach or even as a small cocktail keg.

Not Only For At Home Use; The Torpedo kegs are also useful to bars and restaurants that have existing draft beer dispensing equipment.   Restaurants and hotels which supply cocktails can use the torpedo keg to make on tap keg cocktails as shown in the video below.