New Verdant IPA Yeast



A new yeast to the market is the collaboration of Lallemand and Verdant Brewing Co to bring you Verdant IPA Ale yeast most suited for brewing NEIPAs, English IPAs, American Pales, English Bitters, Sweet Stouts, and Sours.

The origins of the yeast came from when Verdant continued to harvest a batch of London ale III. After analyzing the characteristics they found the yeast contained two wild strains which had dominant vanilla, apricot flavors, slight peach but not as prominent, and some sweeter notes such as vanilla, creamy notes that compliment hoppy beers very well. 

Not only does this yeast produce tropical punch flavours, it is also reasonably fast yeast when it comes to fermentation time, allowing beers to be turned around quickly. optimal breing temperature between 18-23 degrees celsius.


The Verdant IPA yeast has been great for homebrewers allowing them to up their NEIPA/ Hazy IPA game, as the versatility of this yeast and its flavor profile fits in very well to brewing floral hop-forward beers.