West Australian Made & Produced Premium Fresh Wort Kts

For the past 15years Our founder. rod Henderson has been developing and finessing his homebrew recipes to perfection. In late 2019 Rod took the steps to contract his recipes out to a local craft brewery in order to brew ‘bag in a bucket’ Fresh-wort.

What is a Fresh wort kit and why are they so good? Fresh wort kits are an easy way to brew top and craft quality beer from home with the basic homebrew equipment. The mashing is done by the craft brewery the end process being the wort, which is unfermented beer. 

Fresh wort kits are so good because they allow any brewer to brew top-quality all-grain style beer easily (similar process to Kit in Kilo cans)


The wort is bagged in 20Ls and comes in a bucket, you add 5L of water to make 25L perfect size for our 25L kegs https://www.homebrewworks.com.au/product/25l-ss-cornelius-style-keg/




How to brew


Click the link to learn about the FWKs and how to brew them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-FVk_e3QIc&t=3s



Aus Pale Ale
  • Australian hops of; Victoria Secret and Galaxy
  • Easy drinking style with a slightly bittering finish

Dry Hop Suggestions: Galaxy (30g) for 5 days

Hop Grunt

Our flagship brew, heavy-hitting flavors, with complex hop varieties that brings to life a beer with both real hop grunt and flora flavors.

  • Centennial, Citra, Chinook, Amarillo hops
  • Dry Hop Suggestions: Amarillo (30g) and cascade (30g) for 5 days
American Red Ale

Selective use of red ale malt that produces a fragrance and fruit-driven ale that Is well balanced with American hops. Notes include; slight Bitterness, well-balanced finish.

  • Chinook, Cascade, Mosaic
  • Notes: malty sweetness, light redness, Powerful Hops 
German Pilsener

Tettnanger Haltetau, Hersbrucker

Mexican Lager

Haltetau – Mettelfruh, 

American Pale ale (classic)