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Keep Your Kit Clean With Homebrew Cleaning Supplies

In the world of homebrew, cleaning may not be the most glamorous part of the process, but it is one of the most essential. Overlooking the importance of adequately sanitising brewing equipment often provides you with a one-way ticket to one spoiled batch after another. Why put in all the hard work and effort to brew beer only to have it come out poorly due to biological contamination? Not only is it not safe to drink, but it is a frustrating waste of resources. The appropriate products make a big difference in the outcome of your sterilisation processes — so where can you find what you need?

At Homebrew Works, this is just one more area where we make your favourite hobby even easier to manage. With a wide range of cleaning products for homebrewers, we simplify even the toughest tasks and put you back in a good spot to start brewing again right away. Learn more about why this process matters and how to choose the right products for the job.

The Importance of Regular Homebrew Sterilising

What if you’ve gotten away with a few runs with only some basic equipment washdowns? You might start to think “it’s okay — I’m doing everything right.” That is until you see weird signs that say something’s wrong, such as apparent bacterial contamination. Sterilising all your brewing equipment is vital for many reasons:

  • The presence of some bacteria will kill the yeast in your brew, preventing fermentation. What you end up with definitely won’t be anything one could call “beer.”
  • Contamination ruins taste. Even if your beer does not develop visible mats of bacteria, poorly washed equipment will likely produce off flavours in the beer.
  • The washing process prolongs the usable life of your equipment. Would you rather replace hoses after a few dozen intensive cleanings, or after less than ten uses because of build-ups?

Tips Regarding Cleaning Brewing Equipment

To avoid the problem described above, you must choose the correct products and use the right procedures for cleaning your equipment. Homebrew Works offers everything you need for a comprehensive solution. Keep some of these helpful tips in mind:

  • Never use water alone. Always use brewing cleaner and, where possible, avoid re-rinsing sanitised hardware. The products we sell are ideal for allowing evaporation without rinsing.
  • Soak your equipment for at least 15 minutes before beginning to clean. This soak will help to loosen any residues while allowing the sanitiser to go to work on bacterial presences.
  • Clean and sanitise after every use Even if your gear looks clean enough to use after the last run, there are microscopic germs still lingering there. Make sure you knock them out first.

About Homebrew Works

Based in Perth, Homebrew Works has nearly two decades of experience in supplying the homebrew market with top-notch equipment and service. Whether you’re a brand new beginner or a veteran experimenting with new blends regularly, we make it easy and affordable to acquire what you need. With prompt shipping available Australia-wide, everyone can enjoy the convenience of shopping with us. Need help? Give us a call today.

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