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The Importance of Homebrew Kegs in Australia

Selecting the appropriate kegs for storing what you brew matters for both convenience and your enjoyment. At Homebrew Works, we supply a wide range of products to meet many needs, from those who brew very large batches to those with small, experimental runs. Why does your choice of keg matter? When is a keg not “just a keg”? Here are a few facts to consider:

Kegs require quality construction. Remember, the contents will be under pressure. A vessel that isn’t strong enough to withstand that pressure is a hazard — not only to your batch of beer but to those around it, too. We source only quality options for our customers. 
The appropriate size matters. Some kegs hold many litres of beer, while others are for small batches, transport, or sharing. Don’t store beer in containers too large for the volume. 
Some kegs are easier to clean than others. Sterilising your equipment is essential, so consider this aspect when purchasing equipment as well.

About Homebrew Works

A fixture in the Australian homebrewing hobby, Homebrew Works is an independently owned and operated business with a pure focus on providing the tools, equipment, and other supplies you need to be successful. From our advanced home kegerator built to hold up to four standard size kegs to our extensive range of cleaning and sanitising products, we’re a “one-stop shop” shipping Australia-wide. Explore our products now, or contact us if you have questions.

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