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    5L Mini-Keg (Stainless Steel)

    Mini Growler Keg  – 5L 5 litres Keg Stainless Steel Diameter: about 175mm Height: about 265mm – keeps draft beer fresh – small and compact – fit in an domestic fridge great for BBQ and Parties
    not rated $95.00 $69.00
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    Complete Mini-keg Setup

    Complete Mini-keg Setup Mini keg setups are great for a portable dispensing kit that can be taken to BBQs parties ext. The small mini kegs can also be used as growers that can be filled but at your local brewery … Read More
    not rated $315.00 $250.00
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    Simple Mini-keg Setup

    Simple Minikeg setup comes complete with a 5L minikeg, minikeg dispenser, plastic tap, and a gas bulb regulator (CO2 Charger)
    not rated $190.00 $175.00
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    Spirit Filter System

    The spirts filter system is a dual filter system that uses both a ceramic filter and a carbon filter to easily and conveniently filter your spirts. The system can be easily refiltered for a clean crispy brew. Equipped with Carbon … Read More
    not rated $89.99 $59.95
  • Versatile brewing pot.

    Versatile brewing pot. This  40 litre brew-pot is ideal for making your mash tun or boiler.Quality manufacture in 304 Stainless Steel and includes SS ball valve and bulkhead fitting and a 3 “  dial thermometer. Just add a heating element … Read More
    not rated $150.00