Closed Transfer System (Push-in Disconnects)



Closed transfer device consisting of two liquid disconnects, one metre of pvc tube, and 2 push-in fitting attachments to the disconnects.

This device is for the purpose of transfering beer or any other oxygen-sensitive liquid from ball-lock kegs to other ball-lock kegs. It allows you to transfer from one liquid line to another meaning there is no foaming inside the transfer keg, as it is filling from the bottom of the keg.

The importance of this system stems from the effects that oxygen can have on finished beer, first of all it can spoil the beer at a rapid rate, but most of all in cases of very little exposure it can lead to damaging the flavour of the beer and promote hop fade.

Why Oxygen is Bad in Your Home Brewed Beer


Read this article for a more in-depth understanding to the effects of oxygen in beer.

This device purposely includes disconnects with push-in fitting attachments, making the process of cleaning far easier. Without them you would need to resort to connecting the device to side kegs with cleaning solution and water to flush the lines. This process is ultimately lengthy and requires more gear, it is far easier to simply pull off the disconnects to soak and rinse.


The process for closed liquid transfer is very simple, requiring only this device, the transfer-to keg, the transfer-from keg, and a CO2 supply (enough to maintain 10psi throughout the process). First off, pressurise both kegs (purging the transfer-to keg of oxygen) and leave the gas connection on the transfer-from keg. Then connect the ‘Closed Tranfer System’ to the “OUT” (liquid) post on both kegs, leaving the gas at a dispensing level pressure, gradually realease the gas on the empty keg to allow liquid to flow into it. This leaves you with a simple, easy to execute closed liquid transfer process that prevents oxygen reached your beer.

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