Swing Top Amber Bottle 500ml (24)


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Also known as flip-top, grolsch-style bottles

Amber Glass to mitigate the light from reaching and affecting your brew.

Designed for brewing. The seals can withstand carbonation pressure unlike swing top water bottles. They can be burped of gas if you suspect it’s too much. Easier to use than crown seals, better looking and more sustainable than PET, these are the bottles to use when you want your brew to look presentable.

Swing top bottles are an excellent choice for bottling homebrew. Their design makes them quick to seal, strong to withstand high levels of carbonation, aesthetically pleasing and good at preserving beer. Using them makes your bottling day shorter and is less cumbersome to use than a bottle capper.

Are Swing Top Bottles Actually Any Good for Homebrewing?


141 Years of a Quick-Closing Bottle


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Dimensions 45 × 30.5 × 28 cm


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