Why Temperature Control Is So Important

Coming into Summer, the need to keep your brew at a consistent fermentation temperature is now more important than ever. Although there are many yeast strains that can cope with a slightly inconsistent temperature, most (if not all) beer yeasts are critically injured in the 40°C and above range – almost certainly halting fermentation. Even if you’re lucky and the yeast keeps working, you’re more than likely to have strange off-flavours produced by the yeast in your brew. The best course of action is to follow the temperature recommendation on the packet of the yeast you’re using, which can vary in temperature range.

Ideally, when fermenting, you want to control as much as possible. You want to be able to keep an as-steady-as-possible temperature consistency, and also the ability to raise/lower the temperature in relation to the time of fermentation – such as with promoting diacetyl reabsorption.

Overall, temperature control is vital to brewing beer and we recommend all early brewer’s work toward fixing up a system for it. Once you start, you will notice a great difference. Most of all in Summer.


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Westway STC-1000 Temperature Controller