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  • 3 Roller Grain Mill Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel 3 Roller Grain Mill is suitable for large malt bills with a higher grain output per rpm than a 2 roller grain mill

    not rated $175.00
  • Brewmate Grainmill

    Brewmate: Malt Master Grainmill

    Brewmate’s New High-end Grain Mill! Now includes: Stainless Steel Rollers A Strong and Robust Frame (no more flimsy, thin metal sheet) Micrometre adjustment for Roller Separation Sturdy Fixed Crank, Easy to attach a Drill in-place What is the secret of … Read More
    not rated $139.95
  • Fermenter: Brewing Starter Kit

    Beginner’s Brewing Startup This is our own Homebrew Works kit for the first-time brewer. The kit comes with all the gear required to make your very first brew, aside from the dispensing/bottling system. We leave the option of kegs or … Read More
    not rated $104.95
  • Grainmill Base

      3 Stump Grain-mill base to fit our Westway Grain Mill   Brewmate: Malt Master Grainmill   Grainmill with Cold Rolled Steel
    not rated $14.99
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    Heat EXchanger

    Heat Exchanger (20 Plate)

    20 Plate Heat Exchanger The Wort Chiller is a fast way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperature to get your fermentation off to a quick and healthy start. It is a plate type heat exchanger.
    not rated $78.00
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    hop ball

    Hop Filter Ball

    Hop Ball All stainless steel fine mesh, hop filter – Great for dry hopping    
    not rated $5.00
  • Hop Tube

    Hop Filter Cylinder

    100% Stainless hop filter is ideal for use in cornelius style kegs. The threaded top screws off to let you add anything you’d like inside the hopper. Once closed back up, lower it into your corny keg through the hook … Read More
    not rated $19.95
  • PET Bottles 350ml Black (24)

    24 Bottle Carton of Black Plastic Beer Bottles Requires 1 carbonation drop for secondary fermentation brewing. Carbonate beer, culture yeast, seal any liquid in bottle.
    not rated $16.95
  • Pot

    Versatile brewing pot

    Versatile brewing pot. This  40 litre brew-pot is ideal for making your mash tun or boiler.Quality manufacture in 304 Stainless Steel and includes SS ball valve and bulkhead fitting and a 3 “  dial thermometer. Just add a heating element … Read More
    not rated $195.00
  • Westway STC-1000 Temperature Controller

    WESTWAY STC-1000 Temperature Controller / Dual Temperature Regulator Temperature-controlled fermenting will drastically improve your brewing. Changes in temperature and high temperatures will most likely alter and affect your beer taste creating off-flavors or at worst will kill or injure your … Read More
    not rated $69.00