If you prefer the taste of draught beer over bottled, then our kegerators are a must-have to complete your homebrewing kit. A kegerator is a cross between a keg and a refrigerator, with draught taps on top like you’d see at a pub. You plug it in and fit your keg of homebrewed beer inside, and you then have perfectly chilled beer on tap whenever you like. At Homebrew Works, you can buy kegerators online, and when you buy a kegerator kit, you get everything you need to start serving your beer.

Find a Range of Kegerators for Sale at Homebrew Works

When you’re looking for a kegerator for sale, you may be confused by the different models available, so we’ve put together a range of the best kegerators. This includes models with one, two, or three taps, so you can start building your own home bar. Homebrew Works make it easy to buy kegerators online, with shipping across Australia in just a few days.

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Using Kegerators in Australia Keeps Your Beer Cool on Hot Days

On a hot day, there’s nothing like a cold beer. While you can bottle your homebrew and keep it in the fridge, a much easier option is using one of our kegerators. Australia can have heatwaves that last for weeks, so it’s no wonder that this is one of the most recommended products among homebrew enthusiasts. Just keep it plugged in in the corner of your man cave or garage, and you can enjoy cold beer at the touch of a button. We can deliver our kegerators to Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and everywhere in-between.

A Kegerator Fridge Also Makes Your Keg Last Longer

There can be times when you open a keg and just don’t get around to drinking it all. If you use a standard manual pump, the taste of your beer can change in as little as a few hours and can end up undrinkable after a few days. While manual pumps are OK for parties, a kegerator fridge is better for keeping beer on tap for longer periods. This is because it keeps the beer pressurised and avoids oxidation.

The amount of time your beer is drinkable in a kegerator depends on the type of beer and whether you’ve pasteurised it during the production process. Non-pasteurised beer will last up to two months, while pasteurised beer, if properly stored in one of our kegerators Brisbane, can potentially last from three to six months, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your beer.

Homebrew Works sell the Top Kegerators for Parties

Like having people round for beers? At Homebrew Works, we sell the top kegerators for parties and gatherings at home. Many people buy minikegs when they have people over, but you’ll only get a few schooners out of these. If you are looking for mini kegerators, you might want to consider a full-sized model instead. When you buy kegerators from our range, they fit a 50-litre keg, but can also fit four 19 litre kegs, so are a good way to serve different varieties of beer in large quantities.

Another reason to choose a kegerator is because it makes beer easier to serve in large quantities. A keg cooler avoids the need for lots of fridge space, and you can serve draught beer simply by using the tap. This also means guests can help themselves. You can use outdoor kegerators to create a bar area or put your keg anywhere where there is a plug. Kegerators also come with a drip tray to keep the area clean.

Kegerators aren’t just for beer. They can be fitted to dispense wine, mixed cocktails and much more.

Shop for Kegerator Parts Online

At Homebrew Works, we’ve also put together a range of commonly used kegerator parts for some of the most popular models. If you need a replacement part such as a kegerator fan, you can find it on our website. We also offer extras such as a kegerator controller, which allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature in your kegerator, so you can ensure you get the perfect temperature for the type of beer you brew.

Buy your Kit from a Trustworthy Kegerators Company

Homebrew Works specialise in equipment that helps you create and serve your own beer from home. We are a trusted kegerators company with lots of great reviews, simply take a look at our range online and order for fast shipping across Australia. Whether you’re looking for full kegerator kits with everything you need, or replacement parts, Homebrew Works has you covered.