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Find the Ideal Homebrew Kegs for Storing and Sharing

When your latest batch is ready, the right homebrew kegs make a big difference in how much of a challenge you face in storing your creations. Would you rather fill dozens of bottles or a single keg? Cleaning and sterilising a keg is a lot simpler to do than it is when you want to work with bottles. Of course, then you face another challenge – how to keep all that delicious homebrew at the perfect temperature for enjoying a crisp and refreshing pint. It’s often not as simple as just banging a few bottles into the fridge and returning when they’re cold. A home kegerator is the obvious answer — and not just because the idea of having your own kegerator is exciting all on its own.

At Homebrew Works, we’ve made it simple to acquire everything you need to create or supplement your perfect beer-making setup. From kegs to advanced homebrew kegerators, we have it all at a competitive price point and backed up by the best customer service. Explore more on what you need to know about these products, why your choice matters, and how our business delivers the ideal resources for homebrewers across Australia.

The Importance of Homebrew Kegs in Australia

Selecting the appropriate kegs for storing what you brew matters for both convenience and your enjoyment. At Homebrew Works, we supply a wide range of products to meet many needs, from those who brew very large batches to those with small, experimental runs. Why does your choice of keg matter? When is a keg not “just a keg”? Here are a few facts to consider:

Kegs require quality construction. Remember, the contents will be under pressure. A vessel that isn’t strong enough to withstand that pressure is a hazard — not only to your batch of beer but to those around it, too. We source only quality options for our customers.
The appropriate size matters. Some kegs hold many litres of beer, while others are for small batches, transport, or sharing. Don’t store beer in containers too large for the volume.
Some kegs are easier to clean than others. Sterilising your equipment is essential, so consider this aspect when purchasing equipment as well.

The Benefits of Homebrew Mini Kegs from Homebrew Works

One of the unique products we offer is the mini keg — a smaller, more easily transportable version of the larger barrels you know and love. Why should you opt for one of these when considering storage options for your homebrew? There are several benefits to using a smaller keg in some cases. They include:

Easier to chill. The smaller volume of the keg makes it easier to put into your favourite mini kegerator for ice-cold beers in no time at all.
Easier to share. Want to give your mate a taste of your latest batch? Fill a mini keg and share so you can swap notes on flavour profiles and tips for the next round.
Easier to transport. If you’re heading to a party or an adventure with a small group, a mini keg is more convenient to transport and provides a more sensible amount of beer than a full-size barrel.

What Sets Homebrew Works Apart Concerning a Home Kegerator?

Keeping your beer at a frosty temperature for easy enjoyment is just as important as having a good way to store or share what you make. When you want a homebrew kegerator kit, you needn’t look any further than our product listings. With a wide range of cooling solutions ideal for every kind of application, it’s never been so easy to find a better way to keep your beer cold. Here’s how we stand out in offering these products:

We ship Australia-wide. No matter where you are when you decide it’s time to add a kegerator to your home to complete your homebrew setup, we ensure it reaches you.
We have tonnes of options, with more on the way. Soon, Homebrew Works will offer an advanced solution designed to hold up to 100L of beer in total — that’s four 25L kegs. Enjoy a beer just barely above 0 degrees even when it is blazing outside.
Our customer service is second to none. Not sure which kegerator is the best one for your needs? Our team will help you sort it out in no time.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Portable Kegerator

Want to head out on an adventure in your caravan, or show up at a mate’s home with some delicious new brew to share? A mini kegerator is an excellent way to chill smaller quantities of beer away from home. We know you may like to enjoy a pint in more than a few situations, so we’ve simplified finding portable options, too. Keep a few tips in mind as you explore these products to ensure you make a smart investment:

Ensure you have the power setup necessary to run the refrigeration unit on your portable kegerator, especially for car usage.
Don’t leave the kegerator running when it does not contain beer. Avoid adding unnecessary runtime hours by only chilling beer as needed.
Clean hoses and taps periodically. Not only will this ensure that you keep pathogens away from your beer, but it will also help to maintain the clean taste of your brew.

About Homebrew Works

A fixture in the Australian homebrewing hobby, Homebrew Works is an independently owned and operated business with a pure focus on providing the tools, equipment, and other supplies you need to be successful. From our advanced home kegerator built to hold up to four standard size kegs to our extensive range of cleaning and sanitising products, we’re a “one-stop shop” shipping Australia-wide. Explore our products now, or contact us if you have questions.

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