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Independent Font Cooler Fan (Easy Retro-fitting)




Independently powered font fan cooling system for DIY fridge projects and older kegerator models.

This kit comes with: the fan box unit, the detachable font air hose, the 12-volt power cable, velcro strip for installation.

Most new kegerators and commercial systems have built in methods of keeping the lines in the tower as cold as the rest of the system. Most, if not all, older kegerator kits do not include any sort of font cooling, meaning the first glass poured is likely too warm, and too foamy. Meaning you have to keep pouring until it’s cold enough and not half a glass of foam.

If you’re without one of the new keg dispensing systems, then these are the best and easiest way to retrofit and ensure great circulation through your font and the rest of the fridge as well.

Warmer temperatures and inconsistent temperature ranges can also cause beer foaming, so for the best pour it’s of primary importance to make sure the fridge you are using is well circulated through every crevasse of the fridge.


This kit is made for simple installation. Just attach to any convenient surface inside the fridge with the included velcro strip, thread the hose into the font, and lead the power cable out of the fridge to the nearest power suppply.



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